Within your mind is an elegant portal to the life where you already have everything you desire.All of those dreams you’ve kept locked up tight, afraid to even let yourself go there?They’re yours already.

...Does this sound like you?

You are a powerful creative visionary. You know you’re meant for a life rich in artistry, overflowing with opportunity, and yes- unapologetically dripping in money, but you aren’t sure if what you want is really possible.

You have a dream for what you want to make, create, and build. It’s exciting to think that you get to do something that’s so perfectly you (and so perfectly new!) but it’s hard because you’re walking a path that no one has gone down before, and you don’t know how to do it.

You’re ambitious, but it’s hard to reconcile that ambition when you feel so deeply conflicted about all the things you need to get by in this world- money, power, and success. (Not to mention, the white-supremecist patriarchal overculture… )

You’re overwhelmed, confused, and it's hard to trust yourself, especially when you feel so alone and indecisive. Secretly, you worry you might not be able to do it all.

It's time to feel connected to your long term vision, certain of your next steps, and rock-solid in your ability to handle any roadblocks that pop up to prevent you from getting there.

....It's time to FAST FORWARD and Meet Your Future Eccentric Millionaire Self.

In this 75 minute workshop you'll...

- Get clear on who your Future Eccentric Millionaire Self is. (Here’s a hint, they’re wealthy, generous, and fully self-expressed!)- Learn how to connect with your Future Eccentric Millionaire Self through guided visualization and bring their wisdom into the here and now.- Learn a simple way to rearrange your brain to create massive mindset shifts quickly.- Get options to remix this process and apply it elsewhere in your life.- Know what to do when life throws a curveball your way- you’ll have a plan for when you find yourself stuck in the mud, overwhelmed by obstacles.

Past participants said...

"I really enjoyed it. I loved it. I want to do it again. My favorite part was when I met my Future Eccentric Millionaire. It unlocked so much for me" ~Steven Chammas

"I absolutely loved it. It uncovered patterns and thoughts that I had not been able to identify before. Thank you so much for creating this!" ~Isabel Pinaud

"The meditation was super cool and thought-provoking. Also, I had fun answering the journal prompts." ~Paul Thompson

In a world of eight billion people, you stand out naturally, just by being who you are!

Who will you be?How will you get there?How can you have more of that now?You’ll explore these questions and more in
FAST FORWARD, and you’ll leave with a clear, repeatable process to tap into it in the future.
Once you’ve connected with your Future Eccentric Millionaire Self, you’ll be able to navigate tough decisions with ease, get clear on what you want, and learn the mindset shifts you need (aka rearranging your brain) to make it happen faster and with less friction.

Your Future Self is calling. Are you ready to pick up?

Here’s What you get:

- 75 minute training available immediately so you can listen straight away and tap into the wisdom your future self is waiting to share with you.- Access to the slides + replay for life so you can go back and revisit with your Future Eccentric Millionaire Self anytime you like!

Who am I?I’m Asha Wild.I know that it’s hard to dream of the future when you’re stuck in the mud feeling hopeless and spinning your wheels.I spent over a decade hanging out there, getting increasingly frustrated with myself, giving up on the things I knew I wanted, and losing bigger and bigger pieces of myself as I sat stagnant.I did it the hard, slow way so you don’t have to. This training was created to help you Fast Forward through the crappy bits, the hard stuff, and the boring parts so that you can connect to the silky cocoon of security that is your well-funded future life of eccentric Bohemian bliss.

Ride a velvet chariot of luxury to your future in
FAST FORWARD: Meet Your Future Eccentric Millionaire Self.

If you're ready to make big moves in 2023 and you're sick of trying to fit neatly into the boxes and expectations created by others, this class is for you.
Get in here!!

P.S....If you’re:unconventional
and critical of conventions….
…you might just be a Future Eccentric Millionaire!